The Vault


Welcome to The Vault!

New songs are added to the Vault from time to time, all of which pre-date Liquid Emotion (2006).  After recording the CD, I realized that I wrote way too much music to keep recording CDs in the studio (a time-consuming and expensive process), so I got a MacBook and set up a home studio, and I haven’t looked back...until now.  The songs you will find here in the Vault are what came before I embarked on the world of home recording.  Just click on a song title below to listen.

~ Bobbie

Crying Inside

I wrote this song in the early 90s, and, as with so many of my songs of that time period, my very dear friend Keith played on it.  I’ll never forget recording this - we had just enough tape to fit the song.  Yeah, that was back in the old days, when you had to deal with problems like that when you were recording.  Now we have to deal with other things like computers crashing  -  but I still prefer dealing with computers.


I had a lot of fun recording this song with Keith.  We did this one at the same time as Crying Inside.  The session had such a great vibe, relaxed, yet filled with the confident feeling that really encourages musical exploration.  When you’re with the right people and the vibe is creative, something good always happens.

More Than Friends

This is a pre-production version of the song of the same name on Liquid Emotion, recorded here in Pittsburgh.  I think it has a different vibe compared to the CD version, but you can form your own opinion on that.  Sometimes I think I prefer this version better.  You can form your own opinion on that too.  Isn’t America great?

Left Lane Lover

This song is wild, it’s so damn fast!  My dear friend Keith and I co-wrote it,  and we had a blast recording it.  To this day I believe that intro is the cleanest pass he’s ever pulled off in the studio.  This song is very dated, but very fun nonetheless.  If nothing else, it shows how far I’ve come as a songwriter (although it does have a certain 80s charm to it).  Whatever.  Enjoy!

Work It Out

I wrote this song a hundred years ago.  Ok, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but only a bit.  It’s a dated ditty for sure, but it also has a innocence about it that I love.  The cats I recorded it with this were engineering superstars even back then, and I’m happy to say they’ve made good for themselves in the industry.  When I look back at my development as a songwriter, I have to say I’m very grateful for all the great musicians and engineers that were put in my path and taught me so much.