Licensing Songs


Bobbie’s songs are available for license to artists or bands who are looking for material.  Simply scroll through the players above and find the song(s) you want to license.  There are over 60 songs from which to choose, and the lyrics are available here

The genres include Country, Rock, Pop, Soft Rock, and Folk.  However, categorizing musical genres, as well as if a song is suited for a male and/or female vocalist, can be a matter of opinion ~ some songs can cross genres with just a change of instrumentation, and genders with just a change of key ~ therefore it’s highly recommended that you scroll through all the players to screen the entire catalog, so you don’t miss finding any songs that are a perfect fit for you!

Any song can be licensed as follows:

  1. to record the song and perform it live. ($225)

  2. to sell the song on CDs and/or via downloads on the  
       internet.  ($91 per 1,000 units)

You can spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars and many hours recording the instrumental tracks in a studio ~ when you license a song here, you receive the instrumental track at no additional charge, saving you a lot of money!  This benefit is especially useful for singers who don’t have anyone with whom they can split costs.  However, if you need the song in a different key, or you have a band who just wants to record the music themselves, please know that the right to do so is included in the license ~ you have the option to make the choice that fits your needs.

Click here to contact Light ‘N Sweet Publishing about your licensing needs.  It’s a quick, easy, and affordable way to build your set list!

Click play for the FEMALE COUNTRY catalog (15 songs).

Click play for the MALE COUNTRY catalog (4 songs).

Click play for the FEMALE ROCK/POP catalog (40 songs).


Click play for the MALE ROCK/POP catalog (6 songs).